Retirement Income Planning and Management

The Advisors specialize in personal retirement planning and income management. With more than 200 clients in or preparing for retirement, we have experience and expertise in plan design, product coordination, and tax mitigation techniques to ensure that you are prepared for living in retirement. We can help you understand, develop, and implement a retirement plan that can provide income you will not outlive.

As with our other services, retirement income planning begins with you—your goals and objectives. First, we work with you to discover and refine your retirement lifestyle expectations to identify a reasonable target income that covers quantifiable, essential expenses. Then we assess the retirement income sources that can be applied to the need and determine if there will be an income gap—an income need that exceeds the current available sources. Finally, we collaborate with you to develop an income management strategy designed to produce supplemental, inflation-adjusted annual income from personal assets to cover the gap.

In addition to helping you prepare for and manage a retirement income strategy, we ensure that other retirement planning consideration are addressed and incorporated into your overall retirement plan. These considerations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimizing Social Security election options
  • Deciding when to use pretax vs. post-tax (Roth) retirement savings plans
  • Evaluating health care options, including COBRA, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicare
  • Understanding the impact of required minimum distributions
  • Evaluating tax preference items that may benefit your situation, such as preferable capital gains tax rates, and the principal residence exclusion